Saturday Update #1

Not a lot of change overnight in the models, the current consensus is a 2 pm to 5 pm start time depending on your location. All snow above 8,500′ at that time, rain below 8,200′ slushy rain-dominated mix between 8,200′-8,400′. I never like to use overnight runs for totals so let’s wait on that until the next update in a few hours. That being said, I think Purgatory and Telluride will definitely be on the lower side of the 6-12″ advisory. Wolf Creek still has a chance at double digits.

As far as Sunday travel goes, locally most models are trying to pick up on a band of brief moderate snow sometime between 8 am-11 am west of 550 along or south of the 160 corridor, but I don’t have a lot of confidence on that yet. For those driving back from Denver the main lower resolution models are picking up on some moderate snow between 8 am-11 am in western Park and Chaffee Counties, but the higher resolution models have that precipitation further east. What I don’t see is unusually high wind speeds that would lead to closures. When people ask me about driving conditions, I always have to ask people what their comfort level is. With all of the new residents in Colorado, some are very risk-averse, “if it’s snowing-we aren’t going”. But most long time Colorado residents and visitors are familiar with normal winter driving conditions, which is what I expect on Sunday. Next update around Noon today.

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