Light Rain And Snow With The Split Flow

So now that the GFS has trended towards much lighter precipitation, I arrived at a compromise with the title of this post. For a change, I am just going to go with my initial expectations for snow through Monday.  A couple of times this year we have been under a funky hybrid flow that has developed snow at Purgatory with very little at Wolf Creek. This set up looks a lot like that. The southwest flow is not very deep, and the NW flow does not overshadow the SW San Juans. Initially, this looks like a 4-6″ event for Purgatory with light snow in the afternoon picking up after dark and throughout the night.  2-4 for Telluride with the chance of an upside surprise a Silverton Mountain.  A quarter-inch of moisture in the lower elevations conservatively, gradually scaling up into higher elevations, which will be a combination of rain and maybe an inch or two of snow in some area. Again I emphasize the word initially because it looks like I will have plenty of time to update again in the morning,

Sunday Travel

Most of the email requests regarding travel I received are for Sunday Western Slope travel.

#1 I don’t see travel impacting airline travel anywhere during the day on Sunday.

#2 Regarding the vehicle travel in Western Colorado Sunday, Here is a snapshot of 3 pm. Don’t panic if you don’t understand the graphics, it is very easy. The lightest blue is the possibility of light snow between noon and 3 pm. Darker shades represent moderate snow, at the moment there aren’t any.


#3 For Regional travel later on Sunday, the same thing applies to reading the graphics.

2 pm


5 pm




8 pm


That’s all I got for now, I hope this helps the travelers. Thanks for following, check back tomorrow.

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