(Corrected)Sunday Monday Update, Bonus Post Later Today

**Email subscribers my cat hit publish before I was finished… This is the updated version containing the maps I left off.

Before  I jump into the update for the Sunday/Monday system, I wanted to let you know that tomorrow morning very early I am going to make a special end of the season announcement, so make sure you tune in tomorrow morning.

Later today, I am going to dig into how to read the precipitation maps that I post. I have gotten a lot of feedback asking for help with this. Which tells me that there are probably a lot more people afraid to ask. I wanted to get this update out first, but I hope to have the Map Post out by this afternoon.

Then, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning I will resume my normal storm posts.

Sunday/Monday System

Cautious optimism continues as the models continue to advertise some light to moderate precipitation in the early Sunday to early Monday time period. Snow accumulation levels will be high, generally above 8,400 feet. This time of year it takes unseasonably cold air to accumulate snow in our lower elevations, the higher sun angle plays a big part in this as well, so if snow falls after dark the snow accumulation levels will lower, perhaps considerably.

I have only chosen to share two models today, the European and the Canadian, which haven’t necessarily been dead on this year but they have been consistently the closest. I had to leave off the GFS and the German Icon (which I may have to refer to as “the Gremlin”). Both models have decided Wolf Creek Pass will get more rain than snow with temps in the upper 20’s and steep lapse rates? Nope, that is simply model resolution error showing its ugly head. Incidentally, the Canadian is lower resolution than both and does not show this. I don’t ever completely dismiss anything, but for now, I am calling it highly unlikely.

Here is the Euro for snow early Sunday through early Monday


Euro Liquid


Canadian Snow


Canadian Liquid


That is it for now. Remember to tune in for the big announcement tomorrow, and if you have any interest in learning more about how to interpret the snow and liquid precipitation maps you see regularly on this site check back this afternoon. Thanks for following!

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