Friday Afternoon Update

No complaints so far! The showery precipitation continues, the snow continues to fall, on and off in some cases, in the mountains. I have absolutely no changes to the snow and rain totals I talked about this morning.

CAPE values will peak between 3-4 pm today. Again the higher the CAPE value, the higher the probability of seeing some thunderstorms. No guarantees but charging the atmosphere with energy can favorably alter instability and lift which helps precipitation fire up.

Here are the CAPE values over the next couple of hours-don’t sweat figuring it out just look for the higher numbers.

2 pm


3 pm


4 pm


5 pm


The new high-resolution NAM is continuing to show snow of varying degrees of heaviness at least through the evening for Purg, T-ride and Wolf Creek. As I said, I am not changing any of the totals that I posted on the 9 am update!

On the outside chance that the couple of shortwaves I see in Utah, combine with the very heavy precipitation still falling in Western Utah, decide to head our way producing what I commonly refer to as left-overs, I will post as soon as I see evidence of that. The models are not showing that and if it did happen it would probably be very late or the middle of the night.

Otherwise, tomorrow I will recap this system and talk about the next 2 potential systems that will hopefully find their way to us.  I will also update on our coming radar. I should have that posted by 1 pm at the latest. As always, thanks for following and continuing to support the site!

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