Wrap Up And An Early Look At The Next Potential Storm!

A Couple Of Quick Announcements Before The Weather

In case you missed my update on the contest last night. I decided to add an alternative option to the grand prize drawing. You design your own prize to benefit local businesses. You can choose up to $250 in total value in gift cards/certificates at local establishments. You let me know.  Think restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions, anything you think of we will make happen!

Second, I talked to my contact regarding the weather radar for our area. Things are moving slow but they are moving. If everything lines up correctly they hope to be constructing the access roads late this year, or early next year. In other words, we are most likely looking at 2022 to get things operational. It seems like a long time, but then again, it was only 2 years ago when we had the fire.  The site has not yet been disclosed, but I do know some of the original sites they were considering and there will not be a bad site. This is exciting news!

Storm Wrap Up

Tracking this storm was a pleasure for me. For the most part, the models handled things pretty well, from timing to precipitation amounts and snow levels. Lower and mid-elevations accumulated 1/2 of an inch to 1 inch of liquid, this on top of the 1/4 of an inch to 1/2 an inch that fell earlier in the week, they may seem like small amounts to some of you, but in our area, you can’t discount the significance of this.

Snow Totals: 7″! Purgatory 11″! Wolf Creek 13″

Next Storm

It is going to snow for days in California, literally for the next 4  to 5 days, before the system finally departs. Here is what that looks like.

California snow, notice some of those peak values approaching 76 inches!


Here is the liquid-equivalent


Then the storm heads east, hopefully arriving in our area between Wednesday and Thursday next week, 3/18-3/19. There may be another storm right on its heels that weekend. Of course, it is early, but we have seen in the past when the favorable storm track for us opens up, others tend to follow.

I know we are several days out, but we have seen this before and with the model agreement we are already seeing and the fact that it is a holiday week, I think it bears watching. Once again, this is too early to be considered a forecast.

Here we go again this is Wednesday through Saturday next week for all models.

Euro liquid


Euro snow


Canadian liquid


Canadian snow


GFS liquid


GFS snow

gfa snow

Even the lesser-used German model is showing this.


We are approaching my “cautious optimism” designation for the next storm. I will be following it all week! Next Update Sunday, thanks for following and continuing to support the site.

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