Friday Early Update

Snow showers in a number of areas limited the colder temperatures (forecasted by the models) from developing overnight. Most areas are slightly below freezing with humidity values at or close to 99%, and dew-point temperatures are hovering very close to surface temperatures. These are the ingredients for fog. Freezing temperatures plus fog equals freezing fog, which is exactly what it sounds like. So be aware of that especially near, during and right after sunrise.

I looked out at 1 am and it was snowing at a pretty good clip. It was still snowing at 2am. After a couple of massive roof snow slides, I decided to get up at 3:45 and the snow had stopped. I expect we will see more on and off snow throughout the morning and early afternoon hours. If you were experiencing scattered snow showers yesterday, you probably will again, if you were not seeing snow showers yesterday, you probably won’t today.

The showers look a little more widespread Saturday, but I still don’t anticipate anything big yet. As far as next week goes, the possibility still exists for a couple of more storms, but I have no details to share yet.  Just something to keep in mind, or perhaps share at the water cooler, or more appropriate right now share with your spouse or partner as you pass by in the kitchen while working at home. Or not, I know that sometimes, especially this week Mrs. Weatherguy’s patience is quickly deteriorating with the weather and she would like to see it warm up.

Next Update this afternoon. Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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