Light Snow Event SaturdayAnd Update On Our Snowpack


For such a light snow event it probably seems like I am spending a lot of energy on it. Perhaps that is true, we will have to wait and see. In the past, I have noticed that these events at times outperform the models.

The problem is that the models do not always accurately factor the lift that can develop in this small upslope region coming up from New Mexico. Combine that with a fairly saturated atmosphere leftover from the previous storm and a relatively heavy snow cover that is sitting on many areas south of Highway 160 and it could lead to higher than anticipated snowfall. I have seen these little harmless systems come up looking like they could drop 1-2 inches of snow and then hit Long Hollow at 7,500′ (SW of Trappers Crossing on 141) and find a way to squeeze out 6-8 inches. I am not necessarily forecasting that, but it will be interesting if that happens.

Snowpack Looks Great!

Here are the latest numbers after the storm.



And here is a side by side comparison before the storm and after the storm.

categorygeneric categorygeneric


Hopefully, between the three tables, you can see the major improvement-what bad winter?

Tomorrow I am going to head into the Rabbit Hole and try to put the pieces together for next week’s storm.

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    30 degrees and light snow at north end of CR 228 at CR 502. Elevation is 7,750 feet. We are still about three feet short of a 20-year average of 10 feet of snow per season.

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