Odd Little Thursday Storm

Just a quick update for eastbound 160 travelers.  The models have given more life to this micro event. They show snow picking up on the east side of the pass. It is primarily an odd easterly driven upslope event that may provide 2-4 inches on the west side of the divide toward the top of the pass, but several inches on the east side of the pass perhaps down to Southfork, depending on temperatures. The high-resolution model homes in on this pretty well.


Most of the snow will fall in the higher elevations in uninhabited areas southeast of Wolf Creek Pass. So bottom line, you may run into this if you are traveling east today. The model starts this snow right away this morning and tapers off later today. If it happens as forecast, I am sure CDOT will be able to stay up with it.

At 5 am the Ski Resort’s webcams are already showing the snow breaking out, but the CDOT cams show nothing over in Southfork yet.

I am kind of fascinated with it. But as you know, it doesn’t take much with me when it comes to weather.

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