The Friday Distraction

The problem with waking up early is “getting done” early. I followed up on a couple of emails. Worked out, combed through all of the models. Listened to the annoying alert go off on my phone reminding me I am not supposed to leave the house. Then I realized it was only 8:00 am. After this, I will probably get back on the indoor cycle and binge-watch “Bahamas Life”.

Friday a cold storm is going to blow through, a nice distraction I guess. It is going to be interesting to see how this whole thing pans out. There are mixed signals all over the models.

On one hand, it looks like temperatures will not get out of the mid to upper 30s even at the lower elevations. For snow levels (as of right now), my model shows a maximum of 4,900 feet during the day tomorrow. This drop starts about 10 pm tonight and continues to fall until 5 am and then levels out at 4,900 for the day.

On the other hand, this front is supposed to move through with a positively tilted trough, which is usually caught up in NW flow.  Not this time. I am showing SW flow most of the day, then westerlies. Only late tomorrow night after everything has stopped do the winds shift to NW flow.

Here are some things you rarely hear me talk about at the same time:  dry, SW flow with a positively tilted trough and temperatures running 8-12 degrees below normal. Hmmm… I can only conclude something is wrong. Wrong like a peanut butter and sushi sandwich. Certain model parameters, the winds, the temperatures or the precipitation amounts are incorrect.

So I am not going to post any precipitation maps today. I will tackle that when I wake up tomorrow. Hopefully, it will make more sense then!

Thanks for following and supporting the site. Next update Friday morning.

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