Spring Delay Continues

I have no idea how much snow Telluride got on the mountain yesterday and last night, but it was a lot. Wolf Creek also seemed to do well. Too bad no one can enjoy it. Snowcial distancing?

There is another system that is going to try to blow in tomorrow later in the day and stick around until late Monday morning or so. The GFS and Canadian are attempting to make it into more of an event, especially at the aforementioned areas that got snow yesterday. The Euro seems to be downplaying the whole thing. I haven’t chosen sides yet. I will wait until the last minute tomorrow afternoon. As much as the models have struggled lately I want to give them plenty of time to figure this out!

Yesterday the distraction turned out to be that the “storm” really wasn’t a distraction at all. The cold front passed with a couple of squalls early. Then the short wave hung up right across the San Juans. Here was how it looked right before it got stuck.


I think the WPC got it wrong here showing the shortwave this far north. WU had it nailed perfectly at the time, but I can’t archive old surface data from them. This still gives you an idea of how the shortwave to the north was tied into the front to the east. You see the low pressure going through cyclogenesis and sucking the life out of that shortwave. It pretty much died after that and drifted over us late last night with no fanfare. There is a new symbol on the surface map you will notice over Oklahoma extending into Texas. That is called a dryline. It is basically is just a boundary separating moist air to the east and dry air to the west. We don’t see those here, but they are very common in the plains.

As I said the models are really struggling. I thought by the middle of this coming week we would start to experience some more spring-like conditions around here. Now I am not so sure. It’s complicated. But it will certainly give me something to talk about on Monday. I believe we are going to have to revisit the MJO. I have not talked about it much this season, and this is not typically the time of year we do talk about. If you don’t know what the MJO is or why you should care, don’t worry I will explain all of that on Monday.

But first, we have to get through Sunday. My next update will be some time after 1 pm on Sunday. Thanks for following and supporting the site.

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