The Future is Unclear

A trough and associated cold front will move through the state today. The only impact for our area today will be more wind and slightly cooler temps. Tomorrow moisture is going to get pulled into Colorado and how far east it makes it past the divide will determine who gets some precipitation.

If you are traveling to or through the northern and central mountains be ready for some snow tomorrow.

Here is the state snowfall forecast for Sunday and Monday.





For our areas, I don’t anticipate any meaningful precipitation, even if you are lucky enough to get a couple of drops of rain. Higher elevations and areas east of Durango and north of Hermosa have the best shot (albeit still a pretty low chance) of precipitation Sunday afternoon and Monday morning.

The models disagree after Monday. The GFS is showing some showers Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The Euro is exactly the opposite, building in a strong dry ridge with temps in the upper 80’s by late week.

If anything changes in the next two days I will post an update. Have a nice holiday weekend however you choose to spend it!

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