So Far A Mixed Bag (5:30 am Update)

Today will likely be a multiple post day for me, that is why I am including the time. Last night and overnight the heaviest areas of precipitation occurred near Vallecito, Lemon, and Purgatory.  Tween Lakes got the most of any station I was able to view in that area with close to a half an inch. Up north it was Twilight Peaks that was the big winner with .90″ in the last 12 hours. Interestingly enough Lake Purgatory just to the north and Lakewood Meadows just to the south only got half of that, this tells me the showers have still been pretty scattered or something is wrong with the personal weather station. West of 550 along 160 it has been pretty dry with less than 1/10 of an inch in most areas.

It will be interesting to see the morning hi-res model run, here is the overnight run showing max CAPE values occurring at noon today.


If this is accurate it would be some of the highest values so far this year, but I am not ready to buy into this yet. It is not unusual for values to vary greatly between the overnight run and the morning run. That will be out around 8:30 am and I will post again then.

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