Afternoon East Canyon Fire Update 160 Is Closing

According to Montezuma County Sherriff’s office:

“Hwy 160 will be closed for both eastbound and westbound due to an active wildland fire. The Hwy will be closed at Hesperus for westbound traffic and at Mancos for eastbound traffic.”

No details on timing.

If you did not see the type 3 IMT announced at 10:30 the fire was at 1210 acres. No details were given on what time it was scanned. The fire really blew up at about 11:30 -12:00 today. That is why I posted the satellite data. Closing 160 is not a huge confidence booster. In case you missed it, here was a picture I took at 2:10 this afternoon of a Pyrocumulus cloud from DW 2 11-12 miles away from the fire.


I will continue to show satellite data but will refrain from the speculation of the current fire size. I will pass on data to you that I can verify. Here is the current MODIS (satellite) data.





The next 48 hours don’t look great for fire fighting. I think closing 160 is a good idea. Fortunately, 1 of only 35 Type 2 teams in the US is taking over tonight. The smoke here in DW2 is considerably more noticeable than it was this morning, late morning air quality in Durango had improved but is on the decline again, nothing compared to what we endured with the 416 fire so far.

Winds should subside by 8-9 pm but will be higher throughout the night than last night. Tomorrow winds will be stronger all day long peaking between 11 am- 3 pm.

As I have said throughout the day I don’t expect a lot of data until tomorrow. Depending on what time the feds take over we may or may not get a good flight this evening. If that happens I should be able to map and post before you wake up.

It is highly likely that similar to the 416 fire, proper fire management procedures will have to be executed which will include back burning and gigantic jumps in acreage burned, just be prepared for that. Failing to do that will endanger more populated areas from Hesperus to Lightner Creek.

Thanks for following and the support. This brings back all of the memories of the 416. There are no good fires, but if you look at terrain and population we are in a far better situation than 2 years ago. And remember the Type 2 and Type 1 teams prevented property loss. I have looked at the properties that could be affected in the short term and there are very defensible positions for the brave responders. Unless I get data soon, the next update will be in the morning.

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