Midday East Canyon Fire Update

Several times per day satellites with the ability to detect fire activity pass over us. Like weather models, some are higher resolution than others. There is a short lag time after the flyover while NASA processes the data. Here are two recent satellite depictions of the East Canyon Fire. The best way to measure the fire size is a low altitude scan by aircraft with thermal imaging equipment. The state did that yesterday and that official data showed 895 acres as of 6 pm.

Satellite data is not nearly as accurate as aircraft thermal imaging, however, it still measures heat signatures.

Here is the most recent data that I have bundled into Google Earth. This first version shows the approximate length of 2.64 miles


With a width of approximately 1.04 miles

fire width

The second version shows a length of just under 3 miles


With a width of approximately 1.14 miles


Math nerds can do this calculation in your heads, I had to use a calculator.

Based on this satellite information, the first dataset shows the fire at 1757 acres. With the second satellite showing 2181 acres.

We can’t rely on this 100% like I said earlier, we will have to wait for flight data. But as I said in my last post, don’t be surprised to see some bigger numbers when the info comes out. As you remember from the 416 fire, the summary reports are usually always reported late, and it is already outdated by the time it is released.

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