Fortunately So Far, A Boring Fire Day!

The stronger winds that the models were advertising, so far, have failed to materialize. I will address tomorrow, tomorrow early. There are a few meteorological conditions that could impact tomorrow’s forecast. How many times have we waited for a weather feature to move through and it took its time?

Don’t worry about the discrepancies with acreage. The Fed team and the local team do things differently for IR. Ultimately, it comes down to the IR (infrared) interpreter. The data I showed earlier today was from what will be used going forward. The last team had hard data and it will be used until the next flight which should be around 10 pm tonight.

MODIS shows no new start there today, incredible! Of course, lag time is 3-6 hours.

The good news is that this is so different from 416. There are natural blocks all over the place. It will be very difficult for this fire to threaten most of us.

That being said, wind, hot and dry conditions are going to continue until the end of the month.

These guys (type 2 Rocky Mountain Blue) are way ahead of us and have all of the contingencies in place. If I had to guess, and please don’t quote me, for them, 160 has to be a huge defensive standpoint. They know that.

A couple of years ago when several people were evacuated up north and in Falls Creek, I was able to show fire lines at a local level. As far as I can tell, there are only 5-7 structures possibly affected along 105. I am going to show from north to south, distances from fire for those structures. If you know these folks and they don’t follow me share this with them.

I have to be honest, I don’t know the area well, but I assume if someone is familiar, they will recognize it.

If things get worse I will do this for every affected home.

Here is the first structure, starting from the north, where 105 goes from west to south. Notice some are in miles and some are in feet.

1st furthest north







105 at Spirit Wind

105 at spirit wind rd

Next to last

next to last

Last potentially threatened property


Again, I don’t know this area it is very local. I will continue to post where the fire is in relation to people’s homes.

I am aware of a fire start by Bondad but have no detailed “official” info on it, as of 4:30 it is apparently 30 acres and they have a big tanker on it it. It is the “sixshooter” fire.

Thanks for following and your support. I have confidence in the East Canyon Fire. But I am worried about the rest of the month. I will have early data tomorrow so check in first thing.

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