Tuesday Early East Canyon Fire Update

5:00 am

Last night the type 2 team was supposed to take over, that did not happen. They are scheduled to take over at 10 am. The latest official total as of yesterday evening was 2700 acres with zero percent containment. They acknowledged that the fire had spotted west of Cherry Creek, but said those spots were quickly extinguished. As you will see the Modis satellite detected those hot spots.

Winds today at the fire will initially be from the east-south-east with light winds to start the day. By 8 am they should transition to more south-southeast. By 10-11 winds will be increasing from the south. Between 11 and noon they will flip to the southwest and we will already have gusts in the area to 30.

This is similar to yesterday but with stronger winds. Don’t be surprised if 160 gets closed again.

Here is the very latest.

Approximate distance to 160


Approximate distance to Hesperus Ski area (I am not implying anyone needs to worry in Hesperus, it is just a landmark everyone is familiar with)

Distance to Hesperus Ski Area

Approximate north to south length

modis length

Approximate west to east width


It will be another spotty information day but I will continue to update you with satellite data. Again, this is not a substitute for perimeter data. That being said, that information is usually outdated as soon as it is released and the satellite has been doing a fantastic job.

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