Early Wednesday Update-East Canyon Fire Now 2764 Acres

Posted at 5:10 am

As I mentioned yesterday the “official” acreage would be reset back to 2568 based on the Monday night scan.  The IR interpreters will use 2568 as the starting point. Based on that the new 24-hour growth was 196 acres. Here is the new map. This was as of 8:30 pm Tuesday evening.



I circled the areas of  “Intense Heat”.  Here is a closer look at those areas.

Outside perimeter1

On the bottom right you can see that this is outside of the perimeter and it was following the fuel which is southeast up the hill. It is on the south side of Devils Canyon southeast of 105 and Spirit Wind Road, it is a small area about 235 yards long.

Here is the second area, just west of the first area. It is within the fire perimeter, west of 105.


Nice save!

Here is the next area further south.


This is also within the perimeter of the fire. Intense heat was read on both sides of Cottonwood Canyon.

Here is the last area furthest south.


This area is outside the perimeter of the fire southwest of Cottonwood Creek. At the time this was analyzed it was difficult to tell if this was a false reading.

Again, this was as of 8:30 pm Tuesday.  The best news is that the weather (for the most part) cooperated yesterday, and the fact is the fire is following the easiest direction which is south towards the fuel.

The overnight models are forecasting stronger winds earlier today than yesterday or Monday. I will address the weather pattern later today.

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