Monsoon Update!

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July 21st And The Monsoon Is On The Way

11 days ago I told you that after the 21st, we would shift to a Monsoon pattern. Since I wrote that we have had spotty showers in the afternoon heating, a few areas have picked up a decent amount of rain, while others have been left high and dry. This is going to change.

This afternoon and evening we will see our first surge of subtropical moisture travel through Arizona and into the four corners. Tomorrow may very well be a cloudy day which will limit convection. However, the amount of moisture will eventually overwhelm the atmosphere and widespread showers should break out. As I type this (at about 10 am Tuesday) the dew point is 41 degrees. It will be interesting to see where it is in 24 hours. The old way of defining the Monsoon was multiple days of at least a 55-degree dewpoint. I still prefer this definition, rather than just declaring it Monsoon season on June 15th.

Here is the good part. Take a look at the 10-day rainfall projections.







With the rain comes cooler temperatures. Here are the temperature anomalies below normal for the last 7 days of July (from this Friday to July 31st).


I love being able to post good news like this! I am going to go back to daily posts starting tomorrow morning. Hopefully, with the widespread showers, I will be able to dial in on and highlight locations better than I have with these hit and miss showers.

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