Wednesday Afternoon-Storms Firing All Around

What a great afternoon! Storms are firing up all over, especially in La Plata County where the lower and mid-elevations are getting in on the action. At my house we are going through a second storm cycle (2:30 pm).

Here was the radar at 2 pm


Here is zoomed in version of that


And here we are at 2:30 pm


It has been raining hard enough to lose reception on the my satellite. So far over a half an inch has fallen. Scattered showers will continue with isolated showers taking over later this afternoon and evening.

Earlier today it was looking like a much drier day for Thursday, but with the amount of rain that is falling this afternoon I am not so sure now. There maybe recycled moisture leading to more showers tomorrow afternoon.

The bigger story of course is the Hurricane Laura, now a strong category 4 with sustained winds at 145 mph. 15-20’+ of storm surge is expected at the landfall site. Keep in mind that is before you add in the wave heights.

Here is the latest wind  (gust) swath out of the Euro showing wind gusts approaching 200 mph tonight before landfall.

It still appears to me that Holly Beach and Cameron will be the landfall locations. We will know soon enough.

Thanks for following, enjoy the rain–this should not be the end of it! Next update Thursday morning.

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