Tuesday Early Afternoon Update


I can see a couple more waves to the west that have gone through Mancos and Cortez that are headed this way. It looks like we will get another temperature drop with this round. Probably 5-10 degrees and more pockets of heavy rain, and possible thunderstorms. I have seen some spotty snow on Red Mountain Pass as well. Before dark, we should seem some snow on Wolf Creek.

I have not seen any big changes in the models this morning. 1-2″ of liquid precipitation for the total event. 1-2+ feet on snow on Wolf Creek by late Thursday. This is going to be a slow mover because the closed low that is dropping down from the north is going to stall out and perhaps even retrograde back to our west before it finally lifts out.

Thanks for all of the reports, keep them up, especially the ones that have snow. Thanks for following and all of the support. I will do another brief update after the afternoon forecast discussion from the NWS. If you are getting ready to head out, grab an umbrella!

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One thought on “Tuesday Early Afternoon Update

  1. Sylvia McDaniel

    At 6:30 it’s 34 degrees in Hatcher Lake area of Pagosa Springs. We are at 8,000 feet and have been receiving snow/rain mixture. So far none of the snow is sticking as the ground is too warm.

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