Wednesday Afternoon Update

In case you missed my morning update, this system is not done with SW Colorado. I expect later this evening the precipitation will pick up as the low becomes stationary then starts moving back towards us tomorrow morning. We should have periods of precipitation continuing through midday tomorrow. I see two other shortwaves that may lead to some heavier leftovers tomorrow as the low begins its departure–we’ll see. The low has not yet been as close to us as it will be tonight and tomorrow, the heaviest precipitation and storms are always closest to the center of the low (just like a hurricane).

The models were showing mostly minor precipitation through 6 pm but picking up in intensity after dark and throughout the overnight hours. The models continue to botch both the daytime highs and overnight lows. So if you were close to or below freezing this morning expect the same for tomorrow.

I have a very busy day tomorrow but I should be able to get in an early update or two. Thanks for following and supporting the site!

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