Checking In

If I don’t call my Mom often enough, I usually hear from her and she always asks me the same thing “what’s wrong?”. I must have a few blog Moms out there because if I don’t post for a while I usually get a few emails from people asking “is everything OK?

On a daily basis I comb through the models looking for something of value or promise. Late September and October in SW Colorado typically bring  pleasant weather with a dominant ridge of high pressure over the western 1/3 of the Continental United States. Frequent storms are not common this time of year and for me, while enjoyable, it is the most boring time of year for for weather.

Today’s highs will be slightly below normal today as the cooler air filters in from the cold front that swept through. Temps will be on the rebound starting on Tuesday and the ridge will pop right back into place bringing warmer temps and dry air. The dry air will lead to cooler overnight lows just slightly higher than what we will see Tuesday morning.

I don’t see any precipitation on the models in the next week and that may very well extend into the following week.

I will be heading out of town mid-week but I will be keeping an eye on things as always.

Hang in there, enjoy the boring weather before Winter arrives because it will, even this year! Thanks for following.

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