First Look At Sunday

Another early Winter system in NW flow will be arriving to our forecast area between late Saturday and  Sunday midday. This system will be similar to the one that came through a month ago. At the moment it appears the best areas for snow will likely be Telluride and Hwy 550 areas north of Coal Bank Pass.

I could just repost my Updates from September 6th and 7th but let me refamiliarize you with the set-up.

A potent storm system will come ashore in the Pacific Northwest, from Northern California all of the up to Vancouver BC. The system will start to drop down the California Coast as it is coming onshore. How far south it drops will determine how far south the cold and precipitation will end up.

Here is what the Euro projects the storm will look at Noon on Saturday.

Jump ahead 18 hours and here is how the Euro positions the system by Sunday morning at 6 am.

We will need to see that low drop near the Utah-Arizona border before we can start talking about significant accumulations South of Coal Bank Pass. It can’t be ruled out, but for early season storms like this, it would be highly unusual.

The Euro shows the heaviest precipitation between 12 pm and 8 pm on Sunday. Here are forecasted conditions for 3 pm. The snow level at that time will between 8,000-8,500 feet.

The GFS and Canadian seem to be lagging the Euro at this point. The Euro has been the most consistent model over the last 48 hours.

Depending on the storm’s timing, temps on Sunday may struggle to the low 50’s for highs in the lower elevations before steadily dropping during the afternoon and evening hours. Temps will be much cooler next week, so enjoy the warm temps this week.

Keep your fingers crossed. Thanks for following! The next will be Update Wednesday afternoon!


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  1. Do you think it will be snowing on Wolf Creek Pass? I’m going to be driving from Denver back to Durango on Sunday. And do you think I should get going as early as possible, or wait until mid-afternoon?

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