Saturday Noon Update

The morning Euro trended slightly higher than its previous run. The GFS trended higher in some areas and lower in others. Overall, there was little movement.

The light precipitation will continue until later today. That is exactly what the models have been advertising this morning.

Here are what the morning models are expecting for totals between 5 am this morning and 3 pm this afternoon.

High-Resolution NAM 3km



So we are not only seeing consistency in the models, we are seeing what is referred to as good “initialization”. This means the weather is acting exactly the way the morning models said it should.

Here are the latest forecasted totals ending by 11 am Sunday (first wave).


If the models are right, and I think they are, the precipitation rates should pick up between 3-6 pm today. For my Telluride followers and other areas to my north, it will take a little longer for things to get going, perhaps as late as 8 pm.

I will be doing another update to cover the afternoon run of the high-resolution NAM 3km model. I will also comment on any new or updated Winter Storm Warnings or Advisories.

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