Clarification On Earlier Comments

This morning I did a poor job communicating my feelings regarding there being “no great car deals here”. That was not meant to be a swipe at local car dealers at all. I was frustrated because I was mostly looking at for sale by owner vehicles. With the uncertain times, I did not want to finance a vehicle and I had a limited budget because I did not want to come out of pocket too deeply to supplement my insurance payout. I have purchased 2 vehicles in the past from 2 major dealers in town. I have had nothing but excellent experiences for the life of those vehicles. I  used the same dealers for regular maintenance, the dedication and service were top-notch.

I would never use my platform to speak out against a local business. I think I have proved I am a local business supporter in every way I can be.

Re-reading my post I understand that my choice of words was poor. I apologize to all of the hardworking dealers in Durango. I am also well aware of how much all of these fine folks support the local community. Most do it quietly and I think that most people here would be surprised at everything they do for Durango.


2 thoughts on “Clarification On Earlier Comments

  1. Karen Carver

    Thank you for your clarification. I never construed it as a negative, more of a lack of inventory. I wish that another certain someone could be as gracious. Safe travels

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