The Models Pivot To First Of The Week

The models are forecasting a very low impact precipitation event for tomorrow (Saturday). Across the forecast area, I would expect 0 to 3 inches of snow in the higher elevations. For the liquid type, 0 to a couple of tenths of beneficial moisture. The models have varied in output over the last several model runs but I have not seen anything too impactful that would affect travel anywhere.

Monday is an entirely different story as another system will come in carrying more moisture. Cooler air will already be in place and better storm dynamics could be in the works for very late Sunday night through Tuesday.

So, whereas earlier in the week Monday looked like a good travel day it no longer does, in any direction. I have not had a chance yet to respond to the emails I got late Wednesday and throughout the day yesterday but I will when I finish this post.

Here are the SECOND storm totals through late Tuesday.

GFS liquid

GFS snow

Euro liquid

Euro snow

I left the Canadian off for now but it has quite a bit more snow than the other two models. We will see where it ends up. Next Update Saturday.

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