Monday Update

As expected, very light precipitation has fallen and or is falling in most areas. Of course, Wolf Creek was able to accumulate 7 inches of snow already by 6:30 am. The snow will pick back up in intensity later this afternoon at Wolf Creek.

The heaviest precipitation in all areas will fall between 8 pm this evening and 8 am tomorrow morning.

So far, of all the models the Euro seems to be verifying the best. It had very low totals through this afternoon with around 6-8 inches of snow at Wolf Creek by 8 am this morning.

Here is the best depiction I have seen so far as to where the main energy of the storm is.

You can see the cold front, and the trough and low pressure are dropping southeast through Utah, basically cutting the state in half from southwest to northeast.

There is very little midday commentary from our NWS office on any given day. However, the NWS in Flagstaff, Az recently commented that they felt the system was coming in stronger than expected. We will see.

Here is what the Euro has for additional precipitation for us.

Euro liquid

Snow ratios tonight should rise to 12-1 for Purgatory and Telluride and a little higher at Wolf Creek. Rain should change over to snow in the mid-elevations after 11 pm. In the lower elevations at or above 6,500 feet, the changeover should occur after 2 am. I expect little if any accumulation of snow in the lower elevations.

Depending on the conditions outside when I wake up tomorrow I may or may not post. If I don’t post early I will before 9 am to talk about how the storm should wrap up and depart the area.

Thanks for following and supporting the site. The next post will be on Monday.

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