Cool, Dry And BORING!

When you take the Weatherguy’s weather away it creates an incredible “what’s the point” type of writer’s block that is difficult for me to get through. We will get through it together and I probably need to remind you that last year in December 2019 we had considerably more snow at the ski resorts than we had in 2018. The winter of 2018-2019 went on to be among our snowiest winters. Last year was not a great winter for snow at all. The point to remember is snowfall in December is not a good determining factor for how the rest of the winter will go.

That being said it is going to be a challenging 10-15 days until we see the ridge break down enough to allow the pattern to change. A moisture-starved front will mostly bring us colder weather for Wednesday and Thursday. A couple of flurries in areas that favor northwest flow can’t be ruled out in that time period (Telluride, Red Mountain, Ouray, Silverton). It should remain plenty cool for snowmaking. Temperatures over the next 10 days look slightly below normal overall (Dry, Cold, and BORING!)

The models are still not quite up to speed yet, by the end of December they will likely be as accurate as they are going to be for the rest of the winter.  Speaking of winter, tomorrow, December 1st, is the first day of Meteorological Winter.

As far as the weather nationally goes, we are now in the second tornado season of the year. This happens every year as the cold air masses collide with the warm air close to the Gulf of Mexico and along the Atlantic Coast.

As I see interesting things in the models during this boring period I will post. Hang in there, our first major storm will be here sooner than you think. Thanks for following!

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