Wednesday Update

Published at 10 am

There has been very little change in the last 24 hours of model runs. Snow is still expected to start late Thursday mainly in the northern portions of the forecast area. Very little if any snow will accumulate in the lower and mid-elevations in the counties that border New Mexico.

Here are the latest model runs


Canadian-I will comment on this model run at the bottom of the post.



For now, I am expecting 3 to 7 inches in Telluride, 2 to 5 inches in Ouray, and 1 to 3 inches in Ridgway. Wolf Creek could see 2-4 inches and 1 to 2 inches at Purgatory.

The Canadian model is now showing significant snow in Dolores County and extreme northeast Montezuma County. Since I have not seen this in other model runs yet, so I am reluctant to buy into this yet. If the other models follow suit I will have to make significant changes to the forecast tomorrow.

Next Update Thursday afternoon. Thanks for following!

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