The Next Storm

Published Saturday at noon

On Monday a storm will crash into the pacific northwest. That is about the extent of the details that the models agree on. The GFS is showing its bias by moving the storm in faster and not allowing the storm to deepen and drop south. The Euro and Canadian are showing a slower-moving system that is allowed to deepen and drop further south bringing light snow to more of the forecast area.

Because the storm is just a wave in the Gulf of Alaska right now, it is too early for the models to hone in on exactly how this storm is going to develop. The models are better with details after the storm reaches land, which it should do late on Monday when it hits the Washington, Oregon, and the extreme Northern California coastlines.

The Euro and Canadian are showing very cold air after the storm passes on Thursday. The GFS shows the colder air staying to the north.

If you have travel questions I should be able to start addressing those on Monday.

My next update will be Monday afternoon, thanks for following.

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