The Models Are Showing Abundant Moisture Next Week

Published Thursday 1/14/21 at 2 pm

I meant to post sooner but I had to deal with some things. My wife’s Facebook page was hacked, the hacker set up a fraudulent ad for an underpriced Ford Raptor. The worst thing is they used my card to fund the campaign. I assume it was some type of phishing attempt. The ad account was tied to my card and they spent a huge amount of money in 6 hours. We spent most of the day resetting all of our online passwords. If you have an easy password, and I didn’t think ours were easy, you may want to take the time to update them. It’s one of those things you never think will happen to you.

Now, some good news. As I said the models are showing this mostly dry weather coming to an end beginning Monday or Tuesday with a series of storms headed our way. As I have said in the past, it is difficult to time the different storms but the predicted results and the model consensus look very encouraging!

Here are the models, I am showing the 10-day precipitation totals but keep in mind that with the exception of an inch or three in the mountains, the majority of the snow will fall after Monday. At this point, the models are showing all snow.

Canadian liquid equivalent

Canadian snow

Euro liquid

Euro snow

GFS liquid

GFS snow

I needed some good news, and this helps. Now I have something to talk about and I will be posting more frequently again! Next Update Friday afternoon, thanks for following and supporting the page.

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