A Good Storm

Published Tuesday 1/19/21 at 7:20 am

As of 7 am I have received several snow reports in the 6 to 8-inch range. The models did not do well with temperatures and that is my biggest concern for the rest of the day.

Wolf Creek is reporting 10 inches, Purgatory must measure higher up on the mountain than the snow stake because they are only reporting 2 inches and there is clearly 6 inches at least on the snow stake and probably more at the base.

Here is what the latest high-resolution model guidance suggests for additional precipitation today from 7 am until snow completely leaves the area late this afternoon or early evening.

Additional accumulations are going to be limited by the temperatures today. I think the NWS point forecasts may be a little too optimistic, unfortunately.

Next Update later today, we have got another storm to talk about for the weekend. Thanks for all of your reports, and thanks for following and supporting the site!

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9 thoughts on “A Good Storm

  1. Mearl Webb

    Hey Jeff,

    Looks like we’re in the norm. From the NE edge of Timberline 4 readings were between 7.5 and 8.5.


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