More Unsettled Weather This Weekend And Next Week

Published 1/19/21 Tuesday 12:45 pm

Rarely do I start talking about the next storm while snow is still falling from the first one, happy problem I guess.

Light to moderate snow should stop in all areas by 8 pm tonight. Wednesday and Thursday should be mostly quiet with just a slight chance of some light snow or flurries in the mountains on Thursday afternoon.

On Friday, the first of a series of areas of low pressure will start heading our way. All of the models are showing these systems rolling through between this Friday and next Wednesday or Thursday. The models are predicting these systems will add very nicely to the mountain snowpack! The lower elevations should get snow, but rain/snow levels may come into play. Some areas may get a little rain/snow mix during the day on Saturday. It is too early to tell if that is going to be an issue or not.

This storm packed a big punch in such a short duration. The upcoming systems from this Friday through next Wednesday or Thursday don’t look like that for the lower elevations. This is going to be more of a traditional setup for the mountains and as you will see a lot of precipitation is predicted.

It is still too early to nail down the timing, the models are showing some light snow on Friday but the first wave of heavier snow doesn’t start until late on Saturday. The lower and mid-elevations will have lulls between the systems, while the higher elevations will have much shorter and less frequent lulls.

Here are the 5-day liquid-equivalent precipitation forecasted totals, beginning Friday morning and ending Wednesday morning for the Canadian and GFS.



Here is the 5-day liquid-equivalent precipitation forecasted total, beginning Saturday morning and ending next Thursday morning for the Euro. The Euro is always slower moving the systems in and out of the area.


As we get closer to the weekend I will have a better idea of the timing of these systems.

Thanks for the reports. If I didn’t answer it does not mean I did not read it, it just means I had too many to respond to. The lowest report I got was 3 inches and the highest at the moment is close to 15 inches.

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One thought on “More Unsettled Weather This Weekend And Next Week

  1. Frank Masiarz

    Had a full 12 inches of snow….overnight 7.5 and through the day until about 3 P.M. another 4.5 inches. North end of CR 228 at CR 502. Impressive output of the weather pattern. Please send more of it.

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