Saturday Morning Update

Published at 8:15 am Saturday

For everywhere except Wolf Creek, light off and on snow showers will continue throughout the day. Rain and drizzle will mix in below 7,400 feet. Accumulations will not reach my targets for the lower and mid-elevations. Wolf Creek will likely exceed my forecast.

Here are the forecasted totals from the high-resolution NAM3km model for the rest of the day. Keep in mind some of this has already fallen.



Based on this model it looks like Wolf Creek was only half done when they measured 9 inches his morning.

This first wave was relatively disappointing, especially for lower and mid-elevations. The good news is that there is more coming beginning very early tomorrow morning, a little during the day on Monday, and more late Monday through  Tuesday evening. The Monday-Tuesday storm will already have saturated air and much colder temps in place so we could see some very high snow to liquid ratios! I am already starting to track another storm for next weekend.

My next Update will around 1 pm today and I will take a look at Sunday’s precipitation. Thanks for following and supporting the site

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