No Surprises

Published Saturday 1/30/21 at 7:45 am

I have not heard from a lot of people this morning. It looks like there were no surprises. Telluride did get some help with the wind change, last I saw they had 8 inches. Purgatory ended up with 5 inches, and the last report from Wolf Creek was 10 inches. The low elevations I have heard from had mostly a dusting. Mid-elevation reports of 2 to 4 inches have been common.

The models are still trying to figure out next week. They are slowing the first system’s arrival until some time on Wednesday. They are in agreement that there is going to be a period of unsettled weather from Wednesday through the weekend (perhaps longer). They do not agree if it will be one big storm, two pieces of a big storm that come through at different times, or two separate storms. There is a lot to work out yet.

When I look at the forecast for the MJO, the Euro and the GFS model take us straight back to where we were from the 22nd to the 26th, which would indicate similar conditions to what we experienced last weekend and the first of the week.

Looking beyond next weekend (and I am not sure why I am), there are indications that another storm will settle in around the 9th. If you have to do any snow removal mitigation, today through Tuesday will be a good time.

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One thought on “No Surprises

  1. Pamela A Coppinger

    At 7200 approx 3 1/2 miles north of Mancos, Road 40, we got about 2 inches. Could be more but with the wind it’s hard to tell.

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