Light Snow Tuesday Through Thursday

Published Monday 2/8/21 at 1 pm

Telluride, Silverton, and Ouray could wake up to some light snow followed by what looks like a lull until late Tuesday night when snow will pick up again. Snow will continue throughout the day Wednesday and there is a pretty good chance some of that will spill over to Purgatory and Wolf Creek, as well as some of the mid-elevation areas.

This is not a big storm, actually, it is not really a storm: I have not said this in a while, but sometimes, it just snows. I used to call them notstorms, but that got to be too confusing.

Here are the precipitation totals for the first flake through the last flake on Thursday.



I will refresh the totals tomorrow but here is what I am thinking we can expect by the time everything is done on Thursday.

Telluride, Ouray, Silverton (town), Rico 3 to 6 inches.

Purgatory and  Wolf Creek 2 to 4 inches.

Mid-elevations 0 to 2 inches.

If you are traveling I would call this normal winter driving conditions.

There is still model uncertainty for Friday through next week. All of the models want to bring more impactful snow and cold into the area, but they vary in timing and intensity.

All of the models introduce some precipitation on Friday. For the Euro and Canadian, it is pretty light. The GFS brings in a powerful storm starting on Friday and intensifying and lasting through the weekend. The Canadian waits until Saturday night to bring in the bigger storm while the Euro waits until Sunday.

I am still not comfortable putting the totals out there, they will probably change before half of you read this. Sunday through Wednesday the models are showing a few systems coming through the area. Once again, there is not enough agreement on the details yet to share, but it does look like the pattern is going to change. Stay tuned especially if you travel plans in the Friday through next Wednesday time period.

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