You Just Never Know

Published Wednesday 2/10/21 at 5:45 am

Yesterday I mentioned I was tempted to increase my totals based on the latest (at that time) Euro run. I combed through the other models and just didn’t see enough support for that to happen.

So what happened? A little shortwave trough in Southwest Utah set up in just the right place and Purgatory had perfect flow for just enough time to dump 5 inches of fresh snow as of 5 am. Telluride is just getting going and should continue snowing throughout the day. Wolf Creek is still getting light to moderate snow, they usually report around 6:45 am.  For some of the northern and central mountain locations that were expecting some decent snow, this turned into a bust.

The overnight models still disagree about the amount of snow for Friday. They are still mixed as far as the stops and starts of the upcoming 5 day period beginning Friday morning. They all expect decent to impressive amounts over that time period.

Next Update later today.

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