Thursday Storm Wrap Up

Published Thursday at 12:20 pm

Well, we were not expecting this to be a big storm and we knew temperatures would be a concern. The warm air won out in the lower elevations early.  There was some leftover energy that tapped into the remaining moisture this morning, resulting in moderate to heavy snow at times across the mid and higher elevation areas. It looks like the westerly flow has kicked in. It is still slightly southwesterly going into Wolf Creek and it is still dumping there. Last I saw things had slowed down in Telluride, but don’t be surprised if snow showers redevelop as northwesterly flow develops later today.

Thanks for all of the reports, it was fun to see the tone of the emails change as snow squalls developed across a number of areas.

As of this morning, the Canadian has given up on early morning precipitation on Sunday. No other models show precipitation developing Sunday either.

So the focus will shift to the middle of next week. As I have mentioned a couple of times, the models agree that the pieces are going to come together by next Wednesday or Thursday for an extended period of colder weather with low pressure dominating the western half of the US. That does not guarantee that a big storm or a number of storms will develop, it just means the gates will be wide open for them to track into the area should they develop.

Until then a ridge is going to park itself over the area and temperatures are going to rebound.

Enjoy the sunshine and warmer temps (if you are into that sort of thing). My next update will be either this weekend or sooner if there is something specific that catches my eye.

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One thought on “Thursday Storm Wrap Up

  1. Pamela A Coppinger

    North of Mancos we received approx. 3″ of snow. It was incredibly wet! Good for us right now. Snow flurries still coming and going

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