Cool And Wet This Week–A Good Possibility Of A Major Winter Storm This Weekend

Published Monday at 1:15 pm

Yesterday I mentioned that I had learned not to totally discount model runs similar to what we saw from the Canadian and new GFS.  They were showing a big storm for the entire state next weekend. After that, all of the other models jumped aboard the “big storm” train.

Tuesday should be the last nice day we see for a while according to all of the models. If you are traveling to anywhere on the Front Range this weekend, you may want to start making backup plans in case these models are correct.

Beginning as early as Tuesday night, on and off light showers and snow showers will be possible every day this week. In the lower and mid-elevations rain and rain-snow mix will be common. Slightly cooler air should move in each day beginning Wednesday.

According to the latest model runs, things will go downhill very quickly over the weekend across the whole state. East of the Continental divide travel could become impossible with many highways and interstates closed. This could be an incredible storm for the Front Range. Some of the numbers look pretty unbelievable, but I experienced them a couple of times in the 16 years I lived there before moving here in 2008.

I have a lot of maps to share, for today, I am going to concentrate on the two GFS models and the Euro.

Here are the latest model runs for total liquid precipitation from Tuesday night through Friday morning.

GFS liquid through Friday morning

New GFS beta through Friday morning

Euro through Friday morning

Next up, the additional snow amounts from Friday morning through Monday morning 3/15. Colder air will be in place, snow ratios will likely be higher than the 10-1 that I am showing.

Euro additional snow Friday morning through Monday morning

GFS additional snow through Monday morning

(New) GFS beta

Finally, let’s lump together the entire week from tomorrow night through next Monday.

Euro total liquid 3/9 through 3/15

Euro snow before any melting 3/9 through 3/15

GFS liquid total 3/9 through 3/15

GFS snow 3/9 through 3/15

(New) GFS beta total liquid 3/9 through 3/15

(New) GFS beta snow total snow 3/9 through 3/15

Obviously, there will be a lot to talk about this week. I like what I am seeing so far. The Canadian model is similar to the Euro for southwest Colorado and similar to the GFS for eastern Colorado. I only left it off because there were so many other maps to cover.

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