Sunday Morning Update

Published at 9 am Sunday

I am not a big fan of daylight savings time because weather models don’t observe it.  In other words, all of the model runs are an hour later.

If you are in Durango or further east in La Plata County, it is likely you didn’t receive very much snow. Further west, we got 3 additional inches in Dwest II. Purgatory, which I was worried about, is only reporting 2 inches, which is confusing because I thought they had that much during the day yesterday. Telluride and Wolf Creek both far exceeded my expectations with 16 at Telluride and 15 at Wolf Creek.

Meanwhile, in Denver, there are probably hundreds of thousands of people waking up and wondering what happened to “the storm of the century”. They canceled 2000 flights for 5 to 11 inches of snow around town. Maybe the NWS should not be so quick to retire the old GFS! That being said, they are only about halfway through the storm. The NWS in Boulder played the game perfectly with the 12 to 24-inch forecast for the weekend despite what some of the models were showing.

You could say that the Front Range is only at halftime. The southwest San Juans and lower and middle elevations are in the 4th quarter. Wolf Creek is in the third quarter and Telluride is just starting the 3rd quarter.

Here is the latest high-resolution model run for snowfall in our area between 9 am today and 9 am Sunday.

Most areas will receive an inch or less as is evident on the map above. Areas including Lake Durango, DWEST 1&2, Durango Ridge Ranch, Hesperus and, Mayday may see a little more than that call it 1 to 3 inches.

Purgatory might find its way to another inch or so.

2 to 4 additional inches for Silverton.

3 to 6 additional inches at Wolf Creek.

4 to 6 additional inches for Ridgway with 4 to 8 additional inches for Ouray.

Telluride to Red Mountain could see an additional 8 to 12 inches.

Here is what the high-resolution model is showing for Denver Metro and the Front Range between 9 am today and 9 am Monday.

The models are still trying to work out the details on the smaller quick-moving system coming in on Tuesday morning. I will cover it in my Monday afternoon Update.

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Update

  1. Sylvia McDaniel

    Pagosa Springs – Lake Hatcher area. Maybe an inch. The streets are white and it’s snowing like crazy, but the sun is peeking through the clouds. For a big storm not impressed.

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