Pattern Change Starts Tonight

Published Saturday at 12:40 pm

A series of storms will move in from the Pacific this week. The first will start to affect the area late tonight into the early morning hours.

Snowpack Update

Every little bit of moisture is important as we move closer to fire season. This time of year I like to talk more about the snowpack. Here are the latest stats from the USDA:

Here is a refresher on how to read this table from left to right.

“Current(in)” is the Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) in inches measured at 6 pm yesterday. This is the amount of liquid that will flow out as the snowpack melts.

“Today’s Median (in)” is the median amount that historically has been there as of this date.

“Median Peak (in)” is the median amount that should be there when the peak occurs by the “Median Peak Date”, which is the date that the snowpack should be at its peak for the season

“Today’s Median” is the percentage of how much we should have for today’s date.

“Median Peak” is the percentage of how much we should have for the season.

If you look at the table for Vallecito,  you will see that the Snotel site is at 10,880 feet. There are 13 inches of snow water equivalent. The median amount for today’s date is 14 inches. The median total for the season is usually 16 inches which typically peaks on April 7th. This means Vallecito is at 93% of what the median amount is for today’s date, and 81% of the seasonal peak amount.

On average our region is at 83% of the median amount for today’s date. The only Snotel site that is above average is Wolf Creek.

The Week Ahead

As I mentioned earlier, the first system arrives late tonight. Snow should break out above 8,000 in most areas overnight. Snow levels should drop to between 6,500 feet to 7,200 feet. I expect 1 to 3 inches above 8,000 feet. A dusting to an inch below 8,000 feet (before melting) and 3 to 5 inches for Wolf Creek by late Sunday.

Snow showers in the higher elevations could linger on and off well into Monday. This could add to some of the mountain totals. The next system looks like it will arrive late Tuesday. At the moment it looks colder and a little stronger. I will talk more about that tomorrow.  On Thursday things could warm back up slightly. On Friday another system looks like it will start affecting our area.

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