Lots Of Leftovers

Published Thursday at 7:10 am

As I said in previous posts, in some areas the lines would between when one storm would end and the other would start. That certainly seems to be the case overnight and this morning.  Yesterday, there was a shortwave trough that kept the snow going in many areas. Last night the shortwave trough finally broke off from the main front. Then, it retrograded into Arizona and is now negatively tilted stretching across Flagstaff.

If it is not snowing where you are, and you wonder what I am talking about. Here is the webcam from the top of Hesperus hill just a short time ago.

The new model runs will hopefully sort this out. The overnight run of the short-term high-resolution 3 km model picked up on this but it was not out until 2 am. It shows the snow continuing between the two systems. I am not saying that is going to happen before I see the latest model guidance.

Of all the surface maps I have seen this morning this one from Wunderground seems to have the situation figured out the best.

You can see our next storm coming onshore in California. Our last storm in Texas and the shortwave/leftovers stretched across Arizona.

I will post again later this morning, I just wanted to clarify that this is not the new storm.

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