A Cool Messy Weekend Ahead

Published at 12:25 pm Friday 4/16

Last night everything came together just right. Ouray was in the right spot. This morning residents woke to 5 to 8 inches of snow!

Today is a transition day and tomorrow looks like we will wake up to a change. Snow should break out between 3 and 7 am depending on your location. If you are below 7,000 feet there will be a rain/snow mix. If you are below 6,500 feet expect drizzle.

Snow showers will continue and there will be some lulls throughout the day. Late Saturday snow showers should start up again. On Sunday on and off showers should come to an end in the late afternoon.

I will be doing an early update on Saturday and I will cover the overnight and early model runs.

Here are the latest precipitation runs for Saturday and Sunday.

GFS liquid

GFS snow (before melting)

Canadian liquid

Canadian snow before melting

German liquid

I never use the German model’s snow output parameter. It does pretty well on liquid precipitation, but I have never seen it even come close to being right with the snow. It must have a funky algorithm that does not handle elevation change well.

Euro liquid

Euro snow (before melting)

My next update will be Saturday morning. I will cover the overnight model precipitation runs and the early high-resolution model runs. It should be out by 9 am.

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One thought on “A Cool Messy Weekend Ahead

  1. Frank Masiarz

    Intersection of CR 228 ad 502….about 0.5-inch of wet snow. Temperature 32 degrees at 7,750 feet elevation. Stopped falling about one hour ago.

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