The Wind Returns

Published Sunday 4/18 at 10:40 am

Yesterday I mentioned that the models diverged for Sunday. Some models kept the precipitation going and one model showed no additional precipitation on Sunday. Saturday afternoon the NWS changed the end time of the Winter Weather Advisory from 6 pm Sunday to midnight last night. Then they cancelled the whole thing at 9 pm. The second shortwave did arrive from Utah yesterday afternoon but the energy had dropped too far south to give it the fuel it needed to redevelop the showers.

For today there is only a slight chance of showers redeveloping, mainly above 8,500 feet. The CAPE (available convective energy) values are higher than we have seen in a while. A brief, mostly dry thunderstorm could pop up between 1 and 4 pm.

Tomorrow the pressure gradient will tighten in response to yet another trough dropping down the Front Range of Colorado. This will create similar conditions to what we experienced Wednesday and Thursday–WIND.

The models are not showing much of any effect on us except the wind and perhaps some light snow for the NW San Juan passes. High winds and even light snow could reduce visibility. I am going to wait until tomorrow’s model runs to comment any further on that.

Looking ahead, there are a couple of pieces of energy that will try to work through Wednesday and Thursday. At this time I don’t expect much in the way of accumulation.

The next Update will be Monday afternoon.

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