Monday Update

Published Monday 4/19/21 at 11:15 am

Today will be a little warmer than yesterday. The winds will come into play later today and tonight. In the spring it is normal to have the winds kick up in the afternoon because of the pressure changes that occur with the cool mornings and warm afternoons. As it cools into the evening and night the winds usually subside.

That will not be the case this evening as a front moves through the region from north to south, compressing the pressure gradient. For most areas, the winds will be the only effect. The high-resolution NAM 3km model is diverging from the other models and showing a slight Gorge event for Ouray. Gorge events are a form of upslope flow. They can result in enhanced snowfall. Last Thursday night a similar thing happened which led to 5 to 8 inches of snow overnight. Accumulations tonight will depend on how quickly the front moves through and how quickly the area cools before the frontal passage. If the model is correct it could cause some slippery conditions. Keep it in mind if you are traveling that way late tonight or tomorrow morning early.

The only other travel concern would be if someone is traveling to or from the Front Range this evening, late tonight, or early tomorrow morning. Rather than go into the details, just email me if that applies to you.

Here is the snow forecast for our region. It basically just applies to Ouray to Red Mountain (3-6″), Telluride (1-3″), and a heavy dusting in Silverton.

The next Update will be Tuesday afternoon.

If you have not seen the details for this year’s contest you can read them here:  Second Annual Drawing For Cash Prizes  Next weekend (4/25), I will be updating the prize list. I have had a couple of people reach who want to donate prizes. If you are a business and want to participate email me within the next week.

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