Tuesday Update

Published Tuesday 4/20 at 1 pm

Last night a cold front came through the region. Ouray picked up some rain followed by a dusting of snow. Red Mountain got a few inches of snow and Silverton ended up with a couple of inches of snow.

Wind will be the dominant weather story for the next few days. However, the next disturbance will make its way into the area on Thursday, with very light rain or drizzle in the lower elevations and snow mainly above 9,500 feet. This pattern will continue through the day on Friday with on and off showers concluding some time on Friday. Travel impacts will be minimal and very localized.

Here are the model maps for precipitation.

GFS liquid precipitation total for Thursday and Friday

Canadian liquid precipitation total for Thursday and Friday

Euro liquid precipitation total for Thursday and Friday

Euro snow before melting

Temperatures should warm up over the weekend. It looks like some of the southern lower elevations could hit 70 degrees.

Beyond the weekend, the models are trying to bring in another system on Monday or Tuesday. This has caught my eye because it looks a little better organized, so far anyway. Plenty of time between now and then to figure it all out.

If you have not seen the details for this year’s contest you can read them here:  Second Annual Drawing For Cash Prizes  This weekend (4/25), I will be updating the prize list. The cash prize list will be expanded. There will also be two or three prizes that local merchants have donated.

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