The Second Annual Contest Drawing–New Prizes Added

Updated  for new prizes 4/24/21

The prize list is towards the bottom of this post. As it stands right now, your chances to win are much higher than last year because participation is down from last year!

The Story Behind The Contest

If you are a new follower and just joined us in the last 9 months or sooner, you may not be aware of the contest we had last year. We were in the early stages of Covid 19. Businesses had abruptly shut down and we were shopping empty supermarkets looking for toilet paper. At the time, we were under the impression that the shutdowns were temporary and that we would resume our normal lives soon. My thought was that I would have a contest and do a drawing for cash prizes that people could spend at local businesses as they opened up.  Fast forward over a year and although some restaurants and small businesses are getting closer to getting by, they are not thriving. With 49% of La Plata County at least partially vaccinated, hopefully, things will be getting back to normal, or at least we will have fewer restrictions soon.

Much of what I do on this site is based upon feedback I get from followers. I thought about the contest a couple of months ago, but no one had asked about it. Then about a month ago, almost one year from the day we started the contest last year, I started getting emails from people asking me when (not if) I was going to start this year’s contest. After a lot of emails, I determined there was enough interest to do it again.

The Prize List

Two additional cash prizes have been added for a total of 5 cash prizes.  A $250 prize. A $150 prize. A $100 prize. A $75 prize and a $50 prize. Additionally, a $100 gift card/certificate from Four Seasons Greenhouse and Nursery, Inc.  (2)  $50 gift cards from Eolus (two winners). And a 1-night stay at a “mountain glamping tipi” Which would be a perfect gift to share with family when they come to visit you this summer! I hope to add more prizes over the next couple of weeks.

The drawing for the contest will be Wednesday, May 26th. That is about a month from now, which is slightly shorter than last year, but I want to get money into the winners’ hands before Memorial Day weekend.

If you have a local business and want to participate just shoot me an email.

All you have to do to enter is donate. Within 24 hours I will send you an email confirming your entry.

Click here and donate for your chances to win!

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