An Interesting Week Ahead

Sunday 4/25 5:45 am

Before I jump into the weather, I updated the contest yesterday. Two cash prizes were added for a total of five.  Four gift cards/certificates were also added. I am going to be updating the prizes every Saturday as it appears more businesses are going to be participating. Check out the details here:  The Second Annual Contest Drawing–New Prizes Added

This Weeks Weather

Some of the models are indicating we could see Spring, Winter, and Summer conditions all this week. For now, I am going to concentrate on the low-pressure system that should move into the area by Tuesday morning.

The models are still trying to determine the exact track of this storm. This storm will carry more precipitation with it, where exactly that will fall is still up for debate. The system will be cool enough for snow,  but if the majority of it falls during the day it will likely melt as it falls below the passes. This is due to the high sun angle this time of year. Right now the sun is at the same angle as it is in late August.

Today will be warmer than tomorrow. It will be windy today but not as windy as Monday as the pressure gradient tightens in response to the low-pressure system approaching. The models have slowed the system down in the last couple of days.

With the winds increasing out of the southwest clouds will likely move in tonight, keeping overnight lows on the mild side. This will change by Wednesday morning when temps should dip below freezing again. Monday may feel cooler than the forecast due to clouds and wind.

As I mentioned, the models are still trying to figure this thing out. The good news is that there has been a slight uptick in the amount of precipitation in recent model runs.

Here are the latest model runs for liquid and snow.

Canadian liquid

Candian snow

GFS liquid

GFS snow

Euro liquid

Euro snow

German liquid

I never use the snow values from the German ICON model, the algorithm does not handle snow well in our area.

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