Spotty Showers Today

Published Tuesday 4/27 at 8:40 am

The contest prizes were updated Saturday. Two cash prizes were added for a total of five.  Four gift cards/certificates were also added. I am going to be updating the prizes on Saturday. More restaurant gift cards, and more cash.  Check out the details here:  The Second Annual Contest Drawing–New Prizes Added

When I woke up to snow this morning I felt like I missed a flight. I mentioned the problems with the models yesterday. The only thing they vaguely agreed on was timing. It turns out that despite their agreement, they were all wrong. Not one of them showed snow down to 7,400 feet early in the morning. Overnight, while no one was paying attention, the models corrected and showed the lower elevation snow and rain early.

The morning high-resolution models, which are usually fairly accurate out to 12 to 18 hours, show snow continuing in the higher elevations. They show spotty snow showers in the mid-elevations transitioning to spotty rain showers. There is going to be plenty of CAPE available to create thunderstorms by late morning through the afternoon. The best chances will be in the mid and higher elevations throughout the region as well as areas from Hesperus to Pagosa Springs.

Precipitation totals look light today. If someone is lucky enough to end up under a thunderstorm, they may very well be able to pick up some decent totals. Trying to determine exactly where that will occur is nearly impossible. That is why the National Weather Service only issues severe thunderstorm warnings after they form.

Speaking of decent totals, the one place in the state that looks to get pounded (again) is the Front Range. Heavy rain and mid-elevation (foothills) will pick up throughout the day and this evening.

For tomorrow the models are showing another day of unsettled weather developing.

For what it’s worth here are the high-resolution precipitation and snow totals.



Looking at these maps, it is impossible for my eyes not to drift to the Front Range and see those big totals.

My next Update will be Wednesday morning. Hopefully, I won’t miss my flight.

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2 thoughts on “Spotty Showers Today

  1. Linda Muirhead

    Well, it has been snowing steadily at least since 6:30 a.m. when we opened our shades this morning! (15 miles east of Bayfield at 7,000 ft.) Around an inch of accumulation so far. Still snowing! Yay for moisture!

  2. Carrie

    Wow, top of Shenandoah Estates, 7600, had about 2” around 7am, now at 10:30, heavy intermittent snow flurries continue, and melting has commenced.

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