Wednesday Update

Published Wednesday 4/28 at 8:30 am

The contest prizes were updated Saturday. Two cash prizes were added for a total of five.  Four gift cards/certificates were also added. I am going to update the prize list on Saturday. More restaurant gift cards, and more cash.  Check out the details here:  The Second Annual Contest Drawing–New Prizes Added

Elevated CAPE values with enhanced instability led to several pop-up storms yesterday afternoon.  Atmospheric conditions aren’t as favorable as yesterday. However, the CAPE values are higher today. There is less cloud cover which will lead to better heating. Heat is energy, so some more spotty showers may develop again this afternoon. High CAPE values don’t guarantee thunderstorms will occur, but they certainly are a factor. Here are the maximum CAPE values today.

The high values will occur between 1-4 pm today. The snow level this afternoon should fluctuate between 9,500 and 11,000 feet. Under a heavy shower, those snow levels can fall dramatically.

The warm-up will start tomorrow. By Saturday most locations will hit the mid to upper 70’s. Low 80’s are not out of the question for some of the lower elevations closer to the New Mexico border. Sunday things will cool slightly, just a few degrees.

Looking out to next week, another system is going to drop into the area. It is too early to determine the exact track or think about precipitation amounts.

Next Update Thursday. Thanks for following and participating in the contest!

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